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Transforming Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Antheia is a synthetic biology company developing next-generation plant-inspired medicines.

Antheia was founded in 2015 to transform today’s fragile pharmaceutical supply chains and ensure equitable access to essential medicines. Today, nearly half of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and key starting materials (KSMs) for medicines - including many common and essential drugs - are sourced directly from nature. Pharma’s agriculture-based supply chains are high-latency, inefficient, and increasingly vulnerable to natural disasters, climate change, pests, and disease, leading to frequent shortages of life-saving medicines. Applying synthetic biology, genomics, informatics, and fermentation, Antheia harnesses the most beneficial molecules from plants to produce key plant-based pharmaceutical compounds in more controlled and economical ways and accelerate the discovery of new medicines. Antheia is building more resilient supply chains that enable on-demand production and more equitable channels of distribution for essential medicines.


Our Mission

We are committed to healing people and improving the quality of healthcare.

We believe that everyone deserves access to life-saving medicine. Our mission is to transform the pharmaceutical supply chain to ensure equitable access to critical and essential medicines worldwide. Leveraging synthetic biology, we are developing a more efficient biomanufacturing model to sustainably and responsibly produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and key starting materials (KSMs). We are unlocking new, rapid response manufacturing models for essential pain medicines, medical countermeasures, antibiotics, antitussives, chemotherapeutics, and neurotransmitter inhibitors. 


Our Vision

Because equitable access to critical and essential medicines make a healthier world

Alleviating preventable suffering is a human rights issue. At Antheia, finding a more effective way to sustainably and responsibly produce medicines is critical to ensuring better and more equitable health outcomes around the world. We envision a world where patient care and health equity is never jeopardized by global supply chain vulnerabilities, and efficient and effective biomanufacturing is an anchor of responsive, reliable pharmaceutical solutions. 


Learn more about our science and technology that is making our vision a reality. 

Our Values

Antheia is committed to unleashing the power of plants to inspire the next generation of medicines. Antheia is disrupting the pharmaceutical supply chain to sustainably and more effectively produce plant-derived essential medicines that are difficult to manufacture at commercial scale. Antheia’s work unlocks the full potential of nature with synthetic biology, in order to discover new medicines, and realize a more efficient, resilient, and equitable pharmaceutical manufacturing model. We are passionate about leveraging this platform approach to make the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and key starting materials (KSM) for much-needed pharmaceuticals classified as essential medicines by the World Health Organization and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. We focus on producing these molecules to ensure essential medicines are readily accessible to all who need them, with our work specifically aiming to reduce and eliminate sourcing constraints that disrupt reliable supply chains and access, and increase drug prices.

Responsible Production

We value socially responsible and ethical production of APIs and KSMs.

Accessible Healthcare

We value socially responsible healthcare and consider equitable access and equitable distribution of the supply of essential medicines a critical function of socially responsible healthcare that supports all patients in reaching their full health potential.

Innovation-Driven Improvement

We value socially responsible innovation and investment in synthetic biology that improves health equity in ways neglected through the current pharmaceutical and healthcare paradigm, and that provides broader access to essential medicines in transparent, traceable, and cost effective ways.

Transformative Solutions

We value pharmaceutical supply solutions that do not seek to shift old ways of plant-based production that heavily tax natural and labor resources, but instead transform production with true, forward-thinking modernization efforts.

Nurture Nature

We value supply chains that heal the planet, and do not harm our environment, by spurring the reduction of demands on land and agricultural resources, and reduction of environmental harm caused throughout the continuum of the supply chain.

Our Guiding Principles

Antheia strives to be a leader in transparent and transformative essential medicine production. The following are our guiding principles – the value-based beliefs we hold as ethical imperatives –  and some of the fundamental ways our organization strives to embody our values in all the work we do:

Access to Medicine

Medicines that reduce suffering are a human right, not a privilege - including but not limited to medicines used to alleviate suffering in palliative care, neurological diseases, and cancer treatment.

Safety and Quality

Prioritizing quality and safety is paramount. We strive to inspire a race to the top of technology development that champions quality and safety standards, ensuring the essential medicines industry always meets and exceeds the highest levels of excellence and regulatory requirements.

Medicines that reduce suffering are a human right, not a privilege - including but not limited to medicines used to alleviate suffering in palliative care, neurological diseases, and cancer treatment.

Medicines that reduce suffering are a human right, not a privilege - including but not limited to medicines used to alleviate suffering in palliative care, neurological diseases, and cancer treatment.


Improving planetary health and believing that the future of our planet depends on our ability to transform how we source our supply chains, including those for essential medicines. We’re committed to flipping the paradigm of medicine production and moving away from the traditional model of resource-intensive farming and overharvesting that has had cascading impacts on global biodiversity.


Advancing health equity through our work and embracing the many definitions of health equity that focus on allowing patients to reach their full health potential without barriers. Antheia’s work aims to reduce barriers surrounding access to and distribution of essential medicines and champions equitable access, availability, and affordability so everyone can access medicines that are essential to their health.


Resilient, responsive, and sustainable supply chains are the future of manufacturing and will support the production of plant-inspired solutions to current pharmaceutical challenges.


Transparency within supply chains ensures visibility and traceability throughout a medicine’s journey from lab to patient. We support minimizing the footprint of these APIs and KSMs as much as possible.

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