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Antheia CEO Presents at CPHI on Transforming Pharma Supply Chains [Watch]

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Antheia CEO and co-founder Christina Smolke shared how synthetic biology can help solve pressing pharma challenges during the 2022 CPHI virtual event in the lead up to the flagship conference in Frankfurt. Uniting more than 100,000 pharmaceutical professionals around the world, the annual CPHI conference is one of the leading events for the global pharma community, covering every step of the supply chain from drug discovery to finished dosage.

“We have a vision at Antheia, which is to leverage synthetic biology to transform our pharmaceutical supply chains to be more efficient and resilient so that our essential medicines no longer rely on outdated manufacturing models, which are unable to support today's healthcare needs,” said Dr. Smolke.

With 40% of drugs being sourced directly from nature, conventional approaches to drug discovery and manufacturing face production limits. In her presentation, Dr. Smolke detailed how Antheia leverages synbio not only to complement existing pharma tech to unlock new opportunities in drug discovery and innovation, but also to de-risk fragile, unpredictable supply chains.

“Existing drugs are only able to address a narrow window of biological targets,” said Dr. Smolke. “Synthetic biology will allow us to unlock a much larger chemical space than synthetic chemistry alone. This is important because with synthetic biology, we will be able to access a richer and more complex chemical space that is currently unexplored.”

You can check out Dr. Smolke’s talk below, and registered attendees can also access it now on the CPHI platform.

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