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Revolutionizing the discovery and supply of medicines


Uncovering Nature’s Biosynthesis Blueprint

Our platform starts with uncovering genomic information from diverse organisms found in the natural world. These sequences encode the blueprint of how complex yet highly-potent medicinal small molecules are produced using nature’s biosynthesis processes.

By applying advanced bioinformatics tools, we can search and analyze this vast sequence space to identify genes that encode enzymes which orchestrate these complicated cellular molecular machines to make medicines.

Engineering Assembly Lines in Microbial Factories

Using synthetic biology, we re-code natural DNA sequences to allow each enzyme to function in our production organism of choice - brewer’s yeast. We apply proprietary re-coding heuristics and enzyme engineering methods, allowing precise control over how the enzymes work together to build the biosynthesis pathway.


In a sense, we build a “molecular factory assembly line” in microorganisms to efficiently produce desired medicinal molecules.


Scaling Up to Industrial Manufacturing

After building these engineered microbes, we apply a high-throughput workflow to achieve large-scale quantitative performance characterization of tens of thousands of strain designs on a monthly basis. In-parallel development of fermentation and downstream chemistry processes offer early insights to mitigate risks and uncertainties before entering into pilot and full scale production.

Together, these streamlined workflows pave a clear path for industrial manufacturing to produce targeted medicinal molecules.

Data-Driven Approach For Optimization and Discovery

We develop advanced analytics and modeling tools to optimize, streamline, and systematize our discovery and design processes.

With expansive in-house data sets accumulated through our R&D processes, we achieve efficient improvements on our bio-based production technology using a data-driven approach.

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